A simple rule but powerful one that we follow: ‘ Always give people more than what they expect to get.’
~ Nelson Boswell

For The Seller:

My services vary depending on the property we are marketing and selling. Talk to me about my services and value added services. Commission rates will be evaluated depending on our Seller’s needs.

We encourage you to think about what is important to you when you’re choosing a Realtor® to sell your property or development. If experience, market knowledge, ability, and a proven marketing plan that can create exposure are at the top of your list, please contact Deb Trand at your convenience.

For The Buyer:

Every real estate transaction is unique. With having the experience that I’ve obtained from helping my clients buy numerous homes over the years, I’ve learned a fair bit along the way that translates into a better buyer experience.  I can help you organize through all the information that is out there, explain all the important parts and then help facilitate the due diligence process.

Buyer Consultations

Get started by speaking to me about how to avoid costly mistakes, explain the process of buying a home, and give personal recommendations for reputable mortgage brokers, inspectors, lawyers and any other professional service providers you may need.  Buyer Representation

I as a Realtor® can represent your best interests for any home you’re interested in purchasing, whether it is listed on the MLS® system or not. Getting the right advice can not only save you money but it can make you money.Schedule a Home Buyer Consultation now by contacting Deb Trand.